EURO – WASTA Waldemar Zahorski Sp.k. is a family company specializing in the assembly and disassembly of industrial equipment, in particular cobble stone production lines (OMAG, MASA, ZENIT). The company was founded in 2008. We carry out assembly and disassembly works mainly in Europe, however, our employees also performed works in the Arabian Peninsula (Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar), in Central America (Mexico) as well as in Africa (Egypt, Morocco) and in Russia.


Euro-Wasta offers assistance in all kinds of works involving the disassembly and assembly of production lines. Our offer includes both the proposal of a comprehensive “transfer” of the production line from one place to another, as well as only the dismantling of devices or providing only supervision services in the dismantling and assembly of production lines. We also provide services of qualified employees such as automation service engineer, electricians, welders, forklift drivers.

Depending on the type and scope of work ordered, we offer cooperation on the basis of a lump sum or also based on an agreed hourly rate.



We are currently looking for work managers who speak at least basic German or English. 

We offer the opportunity to gain unique experience, adequate remuneration and a flexible cooperation system. 

We don’t need your CV – please send your telephone number to the following e-mail address:
In any case, we will try to contact you.


Euro – Wasta Waldemar Zahorski Sp.k.
ul Zachodnia 56/1
Świebodzin 66 – 200
VAT-EU: 9271964795
REGON: 386789994
00 48 668 700 215

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